Owner & Who I am

OwnerReal Estate Expert

Austin Samuel is the principal and owner of Hamilton Homes. He was born and raised in Atlanta Ga. He has grown up around real estate all his life and has seen the ever changing Atlanta market. He has a passion for what he does and continues to push the company to new heights. He believes in three P’s:
Purpose- which is to help & provide tremendous value on investing and building wealth through real estate for the everyday people and his community. He says this wakes him up everyday to see people elevate their own lives to another level.
Perseverance- To continue to push forward no matter the difficulties, ups and downs, or challenges. He says that “If your purpose is big enough you will persevere at what you do and no matter what challenges pop up.”
Peace- To know that you are living in your truth, pursuing your purpose and persevering at no matter the cost will give you peace no matter the outcome. He wants not only to have peace but to be able to give it to others who may be facing any difficulties when it comes to life & real estate.

Who I Am